Katy (Née Atkinson) & Rob Dowell

Katy – Class of 2006 and Rob 2005

You’ll probably remember the Uni Radio Station, Siren FM, and think the only things to come out of it were building up your CV, learning the trade or its eclectic blend of music! For the then 2nd year student Katy Atkinson and 3rd year student Rob Dowell something a bit longer lasting and yes soppier came out of it…a marriage!

The first meeting between the two was a few weeks before a bi yearly RSL (before the full time community license was awarded) in a training session. Katy was eager to learn…to be fair she knew most of it already…and Rob was delivering training, putting his northern spin on ‘how to operate the studio’ in a live situation.

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At the time, both were thinking that being involved with Siren FM would look great on their CV, would complement their skill base for their courses and help prepare them for their future careers. Which on its own would be a great thing…but it turns out their love of Radio wasn’t the only thing that Lincoln University helped blossom!

After that first meeting in the Siren FM studio, Rob and Katy crossed paths while mastering the art of SADiE, (current students won’t have a clue what SADiE is…just think of Audition but more old school BBC) an exchange of a CD cemented the beginnings of their relationship.

The rest of the time at University was juggled between spending time with each other, living and breathing Radio, both together and individually, and gaining all important work experience ready for the real world!

After University, Rob continued with his love of Radio, studying ‘Radio Production and Management’ at Sunderland University. Eventually they both moved to sunny Leeds, where Katy begun working at a company specialising in radio training within Education. Rob started to work across radio stations in the area.

Katy and Rob knew that if they were to have successful careers in the media, it meant putting in the hours and working hard with integrity. All the hard work meant that time off was special, they enjoyed traveling and seeing their friends and family.

Now 2011, seven years on, Rob and Katy got married in the summer. They got married in their family church in Wetherby then continued the party in a marquee on Katy’s family farm; it was a beautiful day surrounded in a week of torrential rain. Family and friends came from across the world to celebrate. Rob kept the honeymoon a secret until the day after the wedding. He’d planned for the new Mr and Mrs Dowell to spent a few weeks exploring magical Mexico.

They currently live between Leeds and York, working hard to balance their personal and professional lives.

Katy owns a non-profit media production company that works with young people to produce professional media for major clients such as a London 2012, Halfords and British Cycling.

Rob, AKA Producer Rob, is having a great time working as a radio breakfast producer of Leeds’ number one station, Radio Aire.

More wedding photos on Dropbox