Neil Baker

From Chris Hainstock:

“What Does Otto See?” Directed by Neil Baker (Electric Egg) has won Best UK Animated Short at the Cornwall International Film Festival.

Otto, a decrepit busking hobo, bashes out a jaunty tune on his toy piano to amuse passers by and hopefully earn him the odd coin. But on a pavement full of street maestros why would anyone spare a penny for old Otto?

What Does Otto See? TRAILER from Electric Egg on Vimeo.


  • Directed by: Neil Baker
  • Written by Benjamin Dalby & Neil Baker
  • Based on an idea & characters by: Benjamin Dalby
  • Animated by: Neil Baker
  • Music by: Hugh Cowling
  • Saxophone by: Simon D’Souza
  • Sound by: Hugh Cowling, Neil Baker & Craig Bratley
  • Vocal Stylings by: David Ashton-Hill, Neil Baker, Debbie Clark & Deborah Shore.

Chris H: ” Well deserved as it’s a very original piece of work.”

Sarah Barrow: “Fantastic news.”

LSM Graduate Neil Baker is part of Electric Egg, a media production company based at Sparkhouse Studios on the Brayford Campus in Lincoln.