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Hi there, Daz Scales here from Backyard Productions, a fan film group from the UK.  I also graduated with Masters in Media Production thanks to the University of Lincoln.

You might be interested to know that I am producing a series of video diaries of the production process. As well as detailing the progress I also pass on my ‘wisdom’ of making films for free (well almost free). 

I have been making fanfilms since 1992 including a couple of Star Wars films back in 1999 (The Empire Strikes Backyard- TESBY) and 2006 (the Emperor’s New Clones – TENCLO),

We are now in pre-production of an original Sci-Fi Action-Horror movie (12 Cert) and I was hoping your team might like to join us!

We shoot in March 2012 and have already started building the sets with one of them being over 17m long, 4m high and 4m wide! We are now looking for help with CGI…

Our web Links for you to check out…

We also have a new Facebook page. I understand if you are busy with your own projects, so I please don’t be afraid to tell me!

OK, so you guys get loads of request for help, why join our team?

Great for networking with like minded people that actually MAKE films

Experience of working on a large production already underway

Shooting on HD Broadcast quality cameras

Working on a feature length production rather than a short.

Making a production with a wide target audience suitable for most ages.

Access to the entire film and documentary rushes for showreel, and self promotion purposes.

We see our productions as a mutual benefit enterprise – you get to take part in a large production that might not normally be available to you where you can learn a whole new level of movie production skills: a great asset for any showreel and resume.

The pay off?

Everyone involved gets a copy of the film and full access to the rushes, documentary and still for their own promotion.  We will publicise our work as much as possible, not just at the end, but the through the entire process.   Every major project we have undertaken has been featured on both National and local TV, even Japan – just check out our showreel!

Then of course is the Charity Premiere where we celebrate in style, black tie and all the pomp you want!  Better still all the money made on the night goes to great causes! Typically we raise between £2000-£3000.

Why us?

Simply put, we finish what we start and quickly.  Typically our films are completed within 18 months, we do not hang about!  We have a proven track record of completing a wide range of productions, we may not have much money, but we do make movies!

If you think you might like to get involved, email me now daz@bypuk.com! I bet you get a personal reply from me within the hour!

I hope to hear from you soon!

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