LSM students help young film makers

Last Friday afternoon a short film made by young people from all over Lincolnshire, trained by School of Media students, was premiered at the Lincoln Odeon.

As part of their 5 week summer National Citizen Service (NCS), 80 young people from throughout Lincolnshire spent one week living on our campus to gain an insight into university life. They were equipped with video cameras to record their achievements not only at the university, but also at the many other events they attended throughout the five weeks of their challenge.

Part of the week with the University was spent attending a workshop organised and run by a group of our Media Production students. They were introduced to some the skills that would help them produce the film that was shown at the Odeon last Friday. During the month they shot a mass of material which our students then edited, at the same time as mentoring a group of budding NCS editors to assemble this into their final product.

LSM students involved were Charlotte Plowright, Ben Keaton, Joel Garner, Josh Potter, Darius Hossini and Kelly Nicholls, with help from freelance tutor Ben Keaton. Special thanks and congratulations should go to Lisa Rustage (BA Media Production) who devised the workshops and co-ordinated the film production.

This NCS project, devised and supported by the Cabinet Office, took place elsewhere in the UK, but Lincolnshire was the only area to record it on film and to use that film as a highlight of the graduation event.

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  1. Fantastic work here by Lisa and team. Brilliant workshops and a really great film produced that was the highlight of the graduation event at Lincoln Odeon. We’re very proud of you.

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