Adam Luff, class of 2008

Adam, alive and well in San Francisco

“You want to work in America? You want to go back into education? Why not study in America!?”

After I graduated in BA Hons Media Production back in 2008, I found myself in a bit of a standstill. Although I was still thinking of ideas and wanting to write screenplays, I ended up in an office job. During the height of the recession, I was grateful to have a job.

However, creatively, I was working on little ideas and projects, sometimes with others and sometimes alone.

In January 2009 I was reacquainted with an old school chum, Tom Brumpton, who was keen to work on projects too. Our collaborations together included hiring actors from for voiceover work and a short film where I provided my screenwriting skills to help as Script Doctor.

Unfortunately I started to run out of steam and had writer’s block during the winter of 2010. None of my ideas were working, I constantly saw faults and I was still in an office job with people that were nice but not influential at all. They were settled in their ways with bills, children, watching the latest episode of X Factor, etc. I won’t judge them on that, but I couldn’t relate to them.

However the turning point my life which lead me to where I am now came at the end of February. I was with Tom, during one of our many road trips travelling from Lincoln to Nottingham and back, we discussed many things ranging from movies, television, games, politics, relationships, how much we hated school (we talk a lot!). One of my issues on that particular night was that I wasn’t getting anywhere with my ideas and I was losing inspiration.  

Then Tom said something I never even thought about. “You want to work in America? You want to go back into education? Why not study in America!?”

As you can tell, after my Bachelors degree I didn’t immediately go out into the big wide world and so I fell into a routine of go to work, go home etc. However, I had a portfolio and a degree and just needed to show it to the right people.

And I’ve wanted to see America for as long as I can remember, but not simply as a holiday where after two weeks I’m back to square one. Also I’m always keen to learn more, so the idea to study a Masters degree in the states was perfect, I had a purpose.

After searching the web, it boiled down to two choices, the New York Film Academy and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It was no contest to be honest, a lot was in the Academy of Art University’s favour.

I quit my job at the end of June, start of July I had my appointment at the embassy, a week later I had my visa.

And now as I write this on the September 5th 2011, I am here. I have an apartment, I’ve toured the city, got a few pictures and made some new friends. Now I’m wanting to get back into studying to enhance my skills and have a fresh start…however today is ‘Labour Day’ so I have to wait till tomorrow.

It’s daunting but far from boring.

 Take Care, 

Adam Luff,  BA Hons Media Production 2005 – 2008

Adam’s screenwriting course