Tom Ska’s University promo

Tom Ridgewell (AKA Ska) has made a video promoting the University. Comments welcome!

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1 thought on “Tom Ska’s University promo

  1. Hi Tom,

    I’m a graduate from Lincoln Uni in Fine Art, living in lincoln and organising an bi-monthly film screening project called REEL. We present the work of local artists and film-makers to the public in a warehouse/gallery space (Over + Out gallery) in the South Common area, for free! I really like your ‘banned adverts’ for the university, especially ‘BORING LECTURE’ and ‘SWANS’…and I wondered if I could have your permission to play them as adverts in the show? There is a submission form but I wanted to ask you directly. I have dropbox if that makes things easier. What do you think?

    Thomas Cuthbertson

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