Tom Ridgewell in the news (again!)

From the Guardian:

“Tom Ridgewell went a step further. While studying media at the University of Lincoln, he decided to create a television advert for the university and put it up on YouTube.

“While television and parents prefer elevator music and false smiles in university propaganda, the internet and those who inhabit it prefer explosions and dinosaurs,” he says. (His advert contained both.) “I labelled the videos as ‘banned’ simply because it’s funnier to imagine that I actually showed them to a board of directors and got thrown out of the room. Also, videos generally do a little better with an exaggerated title.”

Ian Richards, press officer at Lincoln, says the university only became aware of the adverts once they were an online hit and Google alerts showed people were blogging about them. “We didn’t know what to make of them, but when students were talking about them on open days we felt it was something totally left field, but a bit of a blessing for us.” Ridgewell has since been commissioned to carry out work for the marketing department.”

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