LSM Productions release International film

LSM Productions, the new production arm of the School, has just released the first in a series of promotional films for the University International Office.

The project involved students, staff and a graduate of the School, who have proved that LSM Productions can compete effectively with other production companies.

Graduate producer Simon Dunn worked with his student production team – undergraduates Charlotte Bateman , Seamus O’Hare and Joe Fallon, and the project was overseen by LSM Senior Lecturer Brian Hall.

Seamus O’Hare:
“Making this film was a great experience, it allowed us to work with a client and work with graduates. It gave us a taste of what the future would be like as we had to complete the film the way the client wanted within the time they gave us. It was a fantastic and most enjoyable experience.”

Charlotte Bateman:
“The filming experience was fantastic for me and Seamus as undergraduates, it enabled us to experience working under a specific brief with both graduates and tutors. It was an exciting and different experience, that allowed us to work on a project that was for a client, and helped us to expand our skills both professionally and technically, building our CV’s and gaining professional, out of university experience.”

The aim of the International Office was to have a series of customized films to help in their mission to recruit overseas students. The School competed with outside production companies and won the contract based on the concept of a current overseas student e-mailing home from their student flat in Lincoln. After the normal negotiations with the client, the treatment was accepted, and the team went into production through the worst Lincoln winter for years. The intention is that several versions will be produced, featuring students from targeted countries. The International Office will use the films in several ways; they will be shown to prospective applicants on overseas tours, distributed to the University’s network of overseas agents and featured on YouTube.

This initiative is also an exciting development for the School and very much in the spirit of our alumni network, bringing together graduates, students and staff in creative teams to compete in the media marketplace. To judge by the result, there will be many more.