Dani Moseley looks back

Dani in Studio B

Dani in Studio B

It’s always great to see our graduates back on campus! Dani was one of the first graduates to send us her story, and she recently agreed to come up to Lincoln from London to do an interview with Peter Dewrance in TV Studio B. Never one to hold back, Dani told it as she sees it.

Dani talked about her latest working experiences, how her time here prepared her for working in the media, getting into the business in the first place, work experience, working in “The Bill”, the frustrations of her job, future plans and advice for students.

Dani’s Q & A

Welcome back to Lincoln Dani. What have you been up to lately?

Did your degree course help prepare you for working in the industry?

How do you get that first job?

How do you feel about work experience?

Do you think graduates should do unpaid work?

What was it like working on The Bill?

Have you had any negative experiences?

What is your next move?

Do you have a long term career plan?

Can you be an actor and a producer at the same time?

What advice do you have for media production students?


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