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Heya! Been a while right?!
So what’s on the grapevine with Dani Moseley. Well…

I recently signed with a new agent, Mia Thomson Associates. I knew from as soon as I started emailing her that she was the one. However,
Do have a casting with my OLD AGENCY (basically he had put me up for some stuff before I left him and its a workshop audition for e20 -online young eastenders- so wasn’t going to miss out on THAT opportunity). Still with my new agent, but can still go to the casting. Whoo hoo. That’s next week.
Got offered a part in a new Brit Flick ‘The Roundabout’ with a well known and talented cast (Don’t think I should name names, just in case). My role is small (3lines to be exact) but the director is the one who I worked with on Doctors and he liked my work so much he got in touch straight away and it’s a big deal to me (I’ve ACTUALLY had to audition for 1line parts before, so I was quite chuffed at being ‘asked’ to play a role) Plus it looks good on your CV when you have the same directors name popping up again on it.
The Runaway is FINALLY on its way to our screens!!! Kicks off on March 31st and is a 6part series. I am in the 2nd episode

Here’s a little bit about it
Lots of big names involved including Alan cummings, Keith Alan, Jack o’connel (Cook in Skins) and the lead girl debuts Joanna Vanderham. Publicity for it is only just starting, but following on from ‘The Take’, it’s going to be HUGE!!!!
Taking part in comedy mini feature film called ‘On The Way To Da Shop’ which sees some young people in a community on their way to the local shop and the comical events that happen to them on the way. I play one of the main male’s girlfriend and it really is funny
AND I’ve gone back to my part time drama school YPTC, where I’m doing the graduate scheme, doing two show reel pieces (filmed scenes) and then three plays, one of which I co wrote and will be co directing about the trials and tribulations of being involved in a girl gang GRITTY!!!
All of this and I’m still working full time in finance and trying to start up an events company. Busy busy busy lol
Anyway, I think that’s it for now.
Hope you’re well