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From Chris Hainstock:


LIGHTWORKS was a very good non-linear editing system, which at one time was much more popular than Avid, and was around way before Final Cut Pro.

It is still going strong with a core group of loyal users. Lightworks was used to edit ‘The King’s Speech’ for example, by editor Tariq Anwar.

The Lightworks Open Source Project, launched last year has now made LIGHTWORKS AVAILABLE FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD on Windows XP, VISTA and 7. Download it here:

This is not a trial  – it’s the FULL SOFTWARE

Read about Tariq Anwar and The King’s Speech here .

The Lightworks Open Source Project:

“Back in April 2010, we announced our plans to take Lightworks open source. We always said the first step would be to make the application freely available so that a large community of users could start becoming familiar with it. We are very pleased to have reached this first milestone. Now you can freely download the most intuitive and advanced editor available. This is not a trial download. From here forward, you will always be able to download and use the latest version of Lightworks for free” © Editshare/lightworks 2011

It looks like this!

3 thoughts on “Lightworks is back!

  1. Indeed it is – it’s a little different to begin with, but if you are unable to afford FCP or AVid you could do a lot worse than download this for nothing!. By the way Peter it was a Shark! (see bottom left of your screenshot!!!. The shark always ‘swam’ back to the corner. We used to have Shark races sometimes!!

    This new version works with a wide variety of different media ‘codecs’ which will make it very attractive. The School of Media will be road testing it over the next few months.

  2. Well well! I remember Lightworks from my days at BBC South (and I don’t like to remember much about that place….. ) In its first versions it had a film-style interface, with film editing images, (do I recall a crocodile snapping up deleted clips?) and a Steenbeck-like controller. It’s claim to fame was that it was designed by film editors, rather than videotape people, and I had the impression that it got caught up in that whole film versus VT war, and lost. Along with other directors, I thought it was the bees’ knees, but we were not allowed to buy it – and the rest is history. This latest development is fascinating.

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