Pre Viz jobs – in LA!

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From Per Holmes, Hollywood Camera Work

Persistence Of Vision are looking for Pre-Viz Animators specifically with Hollywood Camera Work and Hot Moves training.

POV 2010 Demo Reel from POV Previs on Vimeo.

So you first and foremost need to be a good animator with strong camera-animation skills. POV works in Maya, but if you’re fantastic in another package and willing to learn, you can still apply. POV is willing to accept highly talented animators with limited resume. For supervisor positions, you need to have prior experience working on major productions or games. The job is primarily in Los Angeles, although they do go international on some shows.

The company does Pre-Viz on blockbusters, so they work with Directors such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Michael Bay and Chris Columbus to design the camera work for movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, X-Men, iRobot and many others.

Needless to say, this is as high-end as it gets. You can see their work at

If that’s you, I urge you to submit resume and link to online portfolio / reel to:

I really hope that this works out for some of you!

[Thanks to Marcella Forster]