Ash Knight, class of 2009

Ash Knight

Ash, who graduated in BA Media Production, will see his first Broadcast Credit soon on Sky. He was the main editor for the ‘Learn to Paint Watercolour’ series with Billy Showell and Geoff Kersey 

Ash was hired by Teaching Art, the production company of the SAA (Society for all Artists) in Newark, on a three month contract. The series starts next week on Sky Channel 166, the Community Channel. The programmes are also in an extended version on DVDs, which are for sale

You can view the schedule here: 


Ash writes: “Since graduating I have worked on some short films as a producer and assistant director for Ermine Street Project in Lincoln, edited and produced numerous corporate and business videos, helped start a community cinema in Sleaford, edited wedding videos, started to make a documentary of Paul doing Run The Wall.” 

Ash was also involved in the early stages of the documentary “A Boatload of Wild Irishmen” – digitising the High Definition rushes and prepping the edit. 

Next year I hope to be applying for the BBC again and again until I get somewhere whilst continuing working freelance in the industry. If I make enough money, I’d like to go back to university and get more technical skills. There is also a script that I have written for anti-smoking that is going into production and I am now the vice-chairman for Ermine Street Project. Also I am designing a soundtrack which is hopefully going to be used in a feature film. The ideal goal would be to travel using these skills all over the world.” 

Painting & Drawing Channel on YouTube 

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