Update: June 2011

University of Lincoln


In November we held our first ever AlumniFest on campus. Thanks to all who came along to ‘Meet the Graduates’.  

Graduates answered questions from students and staff before chatting one-to-one. The event confirmed our conviction that graduate experience should be a vital input into our teaching and learning.

As an LSM graduate, your experiences, opinions and advice are of great value to us in our mission to keep abreast of media industry trends. So please do get in touch!

There’s a new way to find alumni stories, using the GALLERY link at the top of the page. Just click on a photo to read the graduate’s story. Here’s a preview:


        Alex Holland        Andrew Sanders            Ash Knight


Just send your story to us, at lismalumni@googlemail.com and we’ll consider it for publication. (We will not publish without your permission.)

If you prefer, you can now simply download our questionnaire. When you have completed the form, save it under a new name, then email it to us – we’ll do the rest.

Please Note: All contributions and comments should conform to the Lincoln Learning Lab Guidelines and our own publishing policy. You can find these here.

Please attach any media files with your story (e.g. photos, video, audio)

Genuine comments are also welcome – from anyone. Just leave a reply at the end of any story.

Our Head of School Dr Sarah Barrow recently went on camera for us, and included a message for our alumni:

Peter Dewrance, Editor, LSM Alumni Blog

Guess who.....