Crow’s Eye Productions (Lincoln)

A few months ago we went on location with LSM graduates Nick Loven and Chris Roberts, not to mention Nick’s mum and Chris’ sister, costumier Pauline Loven – collectively Crow’s Eye Productions.

Based in Lincoln, Crow’s Eye specialises in Lincolnshire heritage, and earlier this year we caught up with them on a cold and misty day at Goltho Church near Wragby, rehearsing scenes inspired by Fiona Mountain’s novel “Lady of the Butterflies“. Nick and Chris reflected on their work:

Meet Nick and Chris at our first Alumni Day, November 10.

Nick writes:

“The six scenes have been edited and can be seen on my Vimeo

Lady of the Butterflies scene 5 from Nick Loven on Vimeo.

We have been talking to the author of the novel, Fiona Mountain, and she
is really excited about the project. We have decided to shoot some more
footage so that we can edit a book trailer together. We have already
shot some lovely footage (with some actual live butterflies this time!)
and have one more shoot before we’ll be ready to edit the trailer.

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