Jake Dungworth, Class of 2019 | My Graduation: Hats Off!

#WeAreLSFM. Graduation was simply an incredible experience! JThere has never been a prouder moment in my life than walking through Lincoln Cathedral as a graduate. It was a momentous occasion and being able to share that joy with my closest friends and fellow graduates from my year made the last 3 years of hard work so worth it! Thank you to the University of Lincoln for making the day so special!

Jake DugwoGraduation came just after finishing my summer job working as a Radio and DJ counsellor at a summer camp in New York.

Being able to teach my passions to international teens aspiring to learn new skills was a wonderful and unforgettable end to my 3 years in Lincoln.

It inspired me to work my way into the events and sound industries with the goal of one day working at the BBC; watch this space!

Jake Dungworth, BA (Hons) Media Production

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