Meet the Graduates, LSFM | Tips: what are employers looking for?

Meet the Graduates! We continue our clips from LSFM’s last alumni symposium (2018-19) with our graduate panel sharing with current students a few tips of what employers are looking for when you want to get a job in the media?

Alumni advice from Class of 2006, Film Director/Producer Mike Beddoes; Class of 2007, Graphic Designer Ian Pook; and Class of 2012 working in multimedia, from scriptwriting to acting, Dani Moseley.Thanks to former and current students for coming to Meet the Graduates in Nov 2018. Recordings were by New Media Lincs student crew: Year 2 Media Production Jordan Saward, Lewis Carter & Isabel Bush and on Sound and Music Production Year 3 Helena Spychala & Year 2 Thomas Chambers.