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Some useful advice for LSM graduates, from Mandy Jones: 

The BBC moves to Manchester – does this mean jobs?

 As you are all probably aware the BBC is being restructured and many jobs are being relocated to Media City at Salford Quays in Manchester, due to open in 2011/12. BBC North at Salford Quays will be the BBC’s second largest production hub in the UK, being responsible for 16% of network production.

In the summer I was invited over to the BBC in Manchester for a careers advisers’ briefing, as they are  on the lookout for talent, anticipating many jobs becoming available. They prepared a recruitment FAQ sheet, included below.

You will see that the method of recruitment is different from the standard BBC application procedure. For these new roles you are asked to submit your CV online and complete an online psychometric assessment.

 A note of caution: compile your CV carefully as it will be scanned for key words. Do your research by looking at the job roles on the BBC north website before applying and target your CV to those areas of work you are most interested in. A general all purpose CV is unlikely to get through! Make the most of any experience you have had and be sure to tell them about the skills you have acquired – both general and media specific. 

For the advisers briefing’ the BBC had prepared an information sheet entitled Create a winning CV. I will be happy to email this to you and other information received on the day. Email marked for the attention of Mandy Jones.

You will find out more about the online assessments from BBC north website. One part of the assessment is described as assessing cultural fit – in other words a personality test. The values of the BBC were mentioned a great deal in relation to this assessment and again you can find out what these are by visiting their website.

Remember that BBC north is just one organisation moving into the Media City. There will be lots of other media organisations operating out of Salford Quays. Keep your eye on the Media City website for  opportunities

Good luck and don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel I can be of further help. You can email to state your interest in working at Salford Quays and we will then update you with any relevant news when we have it.

Mandy Jones (Head of Opportunities)

BBC at Salford Quays – Recruitment FAQs

 Who will be there?

 Departments moving from London:

 BBC Sport, BBC Children’s, BBC Learning, BBC Five Live, Parts of Future Media & Technology

All the departments based in Manchester (Oxford Road) will be moving across:

Entertainment, Comedy, Current Affairs, Network Radio, Religion and Ethics, Local and Regional Programming, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

 What jobs will there be?

Due to the range of departments that will be at Salford Quays, there will be a wide variety of roles based at the new location,  including:

o        TV/Radio/Online content making

o        Journalism

o        Administration and support

o        Technology

o        Marketing, HR, Finance and Business

Positions will be at all levels – from new entrant to senior management.

When is it happening?

Roles are scheduled to move to Salford during 2011 – approximately April to November – our first teams working from the new base in April 2011.

Job opportunities

The move to Salford Quays will result in opportunities for those inside and outside the BBC, who are interested in pursuing a career there. The exact volume, nature and timing of these opportunities is to be confirmed. However, the bulk of recruitment activity will be taking place in the middle/end of this year and in 2011.


We have launched a jobs website which focuses on the opportunities that the move to Salford Quays will bring – and this will be the main destination for anyone who is interested in working with us in the region. To apply you have to send your CV via the online application then complete an online assessment. All the information can be found on the website

What can I do now?

Check the BBC jobsite – – for current vacancies and register for job alerts. Job Alerts allow you to specify which type of roles you’re looking for and you are then sent emails when any vacancies come up that match your criteria.

You can also go onto the BBC North jobs site and apply as mention above. There are some roles that will be available this year that are in moving departments, but please note, you maybe required to work in London if the role hasn’t moved to Salford Quays at that time. Also, not all the roles in each moving department will be based at Salford Quays, but you will still be put forward for all the jobs in each moving department. It will be clearly stated on the job advert however, if the role is moving and where it will be based.

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  3. I thought LSM Alumni Network readers might be interested in a couple of MediaCityUK initiatives I started nearly 4 years ago starting with the MediaCityUK photographic timeline journal. I work as an IT Manager in Salford Quays, very close to the Peel Development.

    There are currently 15,500 photos taken from May 2007 to present day providing an intimate view of the build from the first digger on-site in June 2007, the erection of all the cranes and all the various buildings that occupy the space that was once grassland. Pictures have been taken from the Imperial War Museum North, Designer Outlet and Broadway at the back of the development site.

    Detailed Timeline :

    Abridged Timeline (Higher Res)

    This timeline is linked to a group on the professional networking site, LINKEDIN. This group currently has 1995+ members and I post the latest photos, news, jobs and approve discussions on the group regularly.

    I think the MediaCityUK site represents a great opportunity for media companies to reside…….

    More information about the timeline can be found at my website.

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