Dave Clancy, Class of 2007 | My Career Update

DaveClancy-2007GradI can’t believe over four years have passed since my last update. As ever, loads has happened since then! Recently, I have returned to freelance life, after spending over five and a half years working at Linney Create, a rapidly expanding film production and digital agency based in Mansfield.

My time there was a real rollercoaster, working with a dedicated team of camera operators, producers, editors and writers to create around 400-plus films a year for clients ranging from Royal Mail to Triumph motorbikes. I was lucky enough to travel the world and work on some fantastic projects whilst at Linney, and really developed my own technical, creative and managerial skills. During my time at Linney I worked as a camera operator, editor, producer and also led the team of up to four in-house camera operators – a real juggling act! I also completed the required training and assessments to be granted permissions from the CAA to operate drones commercially – it was very exciting to be at the cutting edge of this new technology. My latest showreel demonstrates the variety of films I worked on during this time.

The decision to leave agency life was a difficult one, but I was keen to expand my skills further, to work on more diverse productions, and generally seek new challenges. Therefore, in the summer of 2017, I set myself up as a freelance camera operator, editor and producer. I also took the opportunity take on some lecturing work at the University of Lincoln, running workshops for the script and screenwriting module for level one students. Freelance life is great as it gives me the chance to work for new people, in new areas, and push my own technical and creative skills further.

In my spare time, I have been involved in the production of a number of short films with fellow LSFM Graduate Steve Young, as producer and cinematographer. It has been really rewarding to see these films go from an idea to end result. As such, I’ll never forget sitting in a film festival audience, watching one of our films and witnessing a positive reaction from an audience to something I’ve helped create – a real buzz. Here’s an example of one of our films – and there are many more in production and pre-production!

I hope to not leave it as long this time before my next blog post, so thank you for reading! If you have any questions, or would like to discuss opportunities to collaborate on a project – all my contact details and further information can be found on my website.