Gemma Lowe, Class of 2012 | Career in Communications

IGemmaLowe-2017pic’ve been following the LSFM blog and it is great to see what everyone has been up to since graduating; it seems a long time ago since I was the one wearing the gown in 2012 and it is amazing how much can happen in in five years! I have worked in a number of roles since graduation, some that were directly linked to where I am now and some that helped me get here even though I didn’t know it at the time.

Following the school radio project in the third year of my Media Production degree, I’ve had an interest in education. Initially, I wasn’t sure how I could combine this with my interest in media but I decided to just take any opportunities that came my way and see where I ended up!

I started as a self-employed voice over artist whilst working part-time in the Library at Lincoln College immediately after graduating. From there I had the opportunity to move to the Newark Academy (part of the Lincoln College Group at the time) where I was Head of Learning Resources and also responsible for updating the school website and social media accounts.

After 18 months I realised that I wanted to find something more media focused and was encouraged to apply for a role in Marketing, I was successful and became Press and Media Content Officer for the Lincoln College Group. I really enjoyed the variety that came with the role and realised that working in marketing education was an ideal career path for me; the team were great to work with and the role involved a good mix of filming, social media, writing and events. It also gave me the chance to show my initiative by introducing a number of projects that were rolled out across Lincoln, Newark and Gainsborough College.

I had spent over four years working for the Group and decided it was time for me to venture out into another organisation and also gain some Leadership and Management skills; which led me to where I am now – PR and Communications Manager at Lincoln Minster School – an independent day and boarding school (for 2-18 years) in uphill Lincoln.

My role varies day-to-day which is what I love about Marketing; some days I am working on the website design and copywriting, the next I am photographing our pupils at an event. I oversee a number of projects that are aimed at recruiting pupils and growing the school; I do a lot of work around branding and designing publications and marketing materials, I have introduced a number of new systems and processes that enable us to really make the most of selling the school and sharing the positive news stories from our pupils and staff. My current projects include reviewing and improving internal communication, creating more visual content for social media marketing – in particular videos that capture the life of the school – and relaunching our alumni association.

In my spare time, I am also Media and Marketing Manager for Lincolnshire Scouts, a voluntary role that is both exciting and rewarding. It is great getting experience and skills in a range of roles, and it’s a lot of fun too! The role has seen me going canoeing down the River Trent at midnight, flying a small plane over Lincoln to get video footage of a local camp, climbing a number of mountains and cooking lots of food over campfires!

During my time at university, I hadn’t really considered Marketing as a career but now when I look back it was obviously the right path for me, if you like variety and have a mixture of social and technical skills then it is a rewarding career with a lot of opportunities – every business needs marketing!

I am a mentor for current LSFM students and I enjoy meeting those at the start of their journey, with so many doors open and lots of opportunities just waiting to be found!