Dani Moseley, Class of 2007 | Multimedia Career update

Actors HeadshotsDani Moseley’s creative career has clocked up ten years from acting (film & TV) to award winning script writing, as well as modelling and facilitating workshops, after graduating in media production. She’s one of our inspirational industry mentors and also, er, our annual blogger! It’s nearly been a year already since I last posted in … Meet the Graduates was great. Lovely meeting some of you and my mentee, who I have been in contact with all year and glad to hear she’s applying for as many things as she sees fit regardless of the outcome, as you just never know.

LA and New York were amazing. Got management out there before I even landed, which was cool. It was just nice to be there, by myself, seeing how life could be. It was the first time in a long while that I got to solely focus on my acting and it was heavenly. Did a few auditions, signed up to a few casting sites out there, caught up with my agent who I met early that year and we’re still very much in-tune with each other which is great.


Went to the Dolby theatre by accident and learnt that’s where the Oscars take place, so was in the auditorium sitting where all the celebs sit, going behind the scenes. It was really interesting. It may sound weird, but by the end of that holiday I was so at peace. My best male friend had suddenly died when I was in New York and it shook my world. A primary school friend had moved out to New York and she knew him, so we caught up and consoled each other. I then told her about how things were going and about a vision I had – I won’t say what – but what she then brought to my attention, solidified that it was definitely something devine.By the time I got to LA with all the sunshine, solitude, peace and serenity, I was in a good place to reset my mindset, ready to come back to the UK to start putting things into action and I really haven’t looked back.

Got new headshots which were the best I’ve ever had and perfect for me, and my agent has kept to his word of getting me more auditions. I’ve done a Ch4 pilot; been flown to Ukraine to do a commercial; started having auditions for American shows; completed BWNG 3rd season – released soon; completed a new series coming out in October; got a lead part in a short called Finish Line (2017) which is currently being entered into festivals. Here’s the film’s trailer: A story of two aspiring sprinters and the strength of their friendship. Two different paths, One destination.

I’ve been leading creative writing workshops, also got my first play commission that went up at the Broadway Theatre in Catford called ’15 scenes about Love’. Then got offered another lead in a short film; got into voice over work (with my first job last week); booked a workshop tour for Black History Month on the Empire Windrush Generation with Big Foot Arts Education; had a table read of the TV series I’ve been writing and working on a creative way to pitch it to all media platforms and channels; working with audio and radio company unedited to push out my ‘Verdict’ series of three young people appealing for crimes they believe they are not guilty of; and currently just booked a modelling and acting job.

Life. Is. GOOD for 2017 (lol)! … and I only intend for 2018 to be even BETTER