Meet the Graduates | LSFM Networking Event 2nd Nov 2016

Our current and former students here’s YOUR invitation to the University of Lincoln School of Film and Media’s Meet the Graduates networking event. On Wednesday 2nd November join our great gathering between our graduates and students – er, staff too! MtG 2016 will be an on-campus opportunity to connect with like-minded creatives and forge industry links.  STUDENTS please just come along and take your lecture theatre seat by 1.50pm in the Stephen Langton Building and ask anything you’d like to know from our working alumni from across the creative industries from BBC TV & Radio to SMEs & Freelancers. LSFM have invited sound recordists … researchers … producers … filmmakers … scriptwriters … videographers … digi-bods … photographers … animators … marketers … teachers … YouTubers … actors … social media strategists … artists … technologists … e-learning makers  … presenters … runners … On the grad list we are expecting: Daniel J Layton (Class of 2012), YouTuber/Actor | Ellen Jackson (Class of 2011), Videographer | Dani Moseley (Class of 2007), Performer/Scriptwriter |  Aleysha Minns (Class of 2013 | HERE IS THE PLANNED GRAD LINEUP

Graduates RSVP: and LSFM students no booking required, attend and enjoy!

MtG_networking_29OctThe free network event will start with a buffet lunch for alumni; at 2pm Graduate Question Time, followed by a one-to-one networking session and from 5pm a social network opportunity to mingle over a drink. There will be a chance for our graduates to see developments at the LSFM (formerly LSM and media production department) since you were last here at the Uni of Lincoln.

MtG 2016 alumni symposium is a collaboration between LSFM and the University’s alumni team. Please share experiences and promote your work on the LSFM blog, just contact us here.

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