Michelle Yates, Class of 2016 | From Fresher to Graduate

MichelleYates-2016Grad-withClemUniversity has been some of the best years of my life, just like it has for many. Through the length of my degree I met other people interested in the same areas of media. As of Wednesday evening on September 7th I became a proud graduate of the University of Lincoln School of Film and Media. It is amazing to see how far everyone and myself has come. The photo is of Clem Monro and me during the reception to the graduation ceremony and she must of given me one of the biggest hugs I have ever received from her when she congratulated me. She said well done to me when I had told her I had received a First. Clem will be able to see my projects grow further, as I have a place on the MA in Photography, which she also had every belief I would get on to even when I was not sure I would.

For me, the first semester on first year was difficult, as I was finding it hard to get used to university life and time manage the workload in twelve weeks. There was about three times I felt like I needed to drop out, but I had my personal tutor Diane Charlesworth to talk to and she got me through all the tears and helped me to get settled. She even helped me plan better the proposal I had to write for Production Planning. After seeing Diane a few times I got settled in with the semester and the workload began to flow and fall into place by keeping up with it each week. By semester B I knew how to spread my workload and went much better. Diane has also been my dissertation tutor and helped me produce the best dissertation I could with the journals and books she reads on the subject area I had chosen. Here is my chance to say thank you for all your help and support. My dissertation after writing and rewriting sections received a First.

Going back to semester B on my first year it is also when I had the opportunity to start learning how to do Photography professionally and first met Clem, one of the photography tutors and she was also the module coordinator for photography first years on Media Production. Since then I have been inspired by her and has been great to learn from her over the last three years with her knowledge and support, which will have made my projects stronger. Strong enough where my disused railways project from semester A from my 3rd year was shortlisted for the Royal Photography Society Big Print Exhibition 2016.