“The Graduate” (BBC Radio 4)

As scary  rumours about graduate employment abound, Radio 4 is running a programme in which a group of alumni in the class of 2009 have been tracked since graduation, to get a clearer picture of the national situation.

“Sarfraz Manzoor offers insights into the graduate labour market. He hears how important graduates are for the growth of specialist markets in the UK – but are they up to the task? One company reveals that out of 2000 applications, they were unable to find 20 suitable candidates. [It was Waitrose…..Ed]

Combining first-hand testimony with wider analysis, Sarfraz explores the genuine experience of today’s graduate, the impact they [sic] have on the economy and society, and what their futures may hold.”

The second episode of the programme was broadcast yesterday, but you can catch it on the BBC iPlayer this week.

Though none of the case studies is about media graduates, we’ll be listening – and comparing the message coming through from this blog.