Michael Henry, Class of 2009 | MUTE (2016) released 21.05.2016

MUTE-poster_May2016Independent filmmaker Michael Henry, our 2009 graduate and one of LSFM’s industry mentors, has been in touch about the general release of MUTE (2016). The film will be available on demand, DVD and to download, from Saturday 21st May 2016 then it will do the rounds at various international film festivals. The 76-minute film, by award winning production company Quandary Productions (QP), has a freedom of expression theme.  

The indie said: Filmed in and around Lincoln, the independent film stars some of Lincoln’s finest acting talent including Nikki Mclusky, Tom Bridger, Charles Cromwell and Rob Smith. The film was shot July 2015, with the help of over 30 film students from the local College and University. The crew on MUTE included LSFM media production alumni: James Jackson, Producer/Sound Recordist, Louise Bawtree, Associate Producer and Nathan T. Dean, script supervisor. The feature film was written and directed by Michael Henry who explains his idea of MUTE.

Pre-order DVD (£5.99 before 21 May) | More info about digital download on the QP site

The indie said: By purchasing a DVD, or renting ‘MUTE’ On Demand (available in 4K UltraHD), audience members not only help Quandary Productions to continue making great films, but also help the work of others to be promoted through our Filmmaker Support Scheme. Added to this, 10% of all annual profits are donated to several charities around the globe. As well as making our own films, the Quandary Productions team also help aspiring actors, filmmakers and artists with their own work; offering advice, hands-on support, and assistance with promotion all free of charge. We believe that there is nothing stopping you from doing what you love, only yourself!

MUTE (2016). Synopsis: Verbal communication has been outlawed by the rich elite, in an attempt to stop people speaking out against the conditions they live in. The new laws are enforced by the security department of the Spectrum Corporation a huge conglomerate of the five biggest companies in the world. ’MUTE’ is the story of Charlie a young Spectrum employee and film enthusiast, and his gradual involvement with Mandy a woman on the run from Spectrum , who has set up underground clubs where people can speak out. As Spectrum find out about these clubs, it’s only a matter of time before their lives become in serious danger.