Rachel Hagreen, Class of 2014 | Career Update: Sorted. Food!

A brand new blog post and another brand new job. That’s right, I’ve moved again. I’ve only been in London for under 2 years and this is already my third job.  But this one is the one.  In July 2015 I wrote a blog on here about having to start my own cooking channel because it was so difficult to get a job in online food video production. Little did I know that starting How To Kitchen would actually help me secure a job on my favourite cooking channel on YouTube, SORTEDfood.com

As of April 2016, I became a camera operator and editor for the channel and have loved every second of it so far. This was the video I filmed on my second day working for them. Needless to say I nearly threw up on my first shoot day (not even joking).

Since then, I’ve been busy shooting and editing a number of their varied videos. The interview process was absolutely terrifying.

Not only was it a job interview, it was a job interview for my dream job. Not only that, it was a job interview for my dream job in a really cool studio office and two of the presenters of the channel were doing the interview. I was a nervous mess. After interview number one, I edited together a recipe video for them over the weekend and heard back from them a day later to offer me interview number 2, which I was equally nervous about. A day later I found out I’d got the job and almost threw up everywhere in fear. The next 4 weeks of work were long and anxious and although I was quite sad to leave my job at Diagonal View, I was so disgustingly excited to start the new job.

I’ve now been there a few weeks so the shyness and nervousness is beginning to subside, which is good because I keep being dragged into Facebook Live and Periscope videos to make a fool of myself.  There are lots of exciting things going on here and I’m so excited to be apart of the team, rather than just being a regular spectator of their videos.

I highly recommend subscribing to their channel and following them on social media if you haven’t already. I can confirm from first hand experience that the food is absolutely fantastic and I’m gaining weight every second I work here, but it’s worth it.