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World Cup - with a difference....!

I’m nearing the end of my 2 year KTP contract between the University of Lincoln and Interflora British Unit.

My work at Interflora involves a diverse range of video projects across the business, from product promotion, internal communication, marketing & public relations and event coverage. I’m responsible for the entire production process (being the only video producer in-house!) and this means I have to quickly adapt to learn new skills and work in new situations.

Here’s a quick update on the projects I’ve been working on, and a look at some of the opportunities the KTP scheme has given me.

Time out in Shanghai

Firstly, the KTP scheme has given me a chance to work in an area which generated interest and excitement within Interflora, a large, established organisation. My projects require me to work across all departments in a number of different disciplines. One day I can be on location shooting products for online promotional videos, the next working with company directors and the autocue to put together a business update for a webcast. I also produce DVDs, interactive Flash applications and video for presentations.

Aside from the day job, KTP also gave me the opportunity for some personal development. I attended three residential courses and completed a number of assignments which led to me being awarded a Diploma in Management from the Chartered Institute of Managers. I also have used budget available to learn advanced skills in Flash CS3, software I had no experience in before but can now use to fulfil aspects of by role.

I’m also lucky enough to have being given the opportunity to travel and work around the world, producing video content for Interflora. Without doubt the highlight so far was the week I spent in Shanghai, working as a video journalist for the duration of the Interflora World Cup – think the Olympic games of floristry! I sent daily updates back to Interflora HQ including video interviews with competitors and judges, photos and details of the competition. This was used on the main ecommerce website, Interflora’s blog, YouTube and Facebook pages.

World Cup final stage

I also spent a week at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year, producing quick-turnaround video reports and interviews, as well as a 40 minute webcast to Interflora members, which we broadcast whilst the event was still taking place. An exhausting week but a great experience.

I’ve also visited the IBC conference in Amsterdam, have taken part in training courses in London, as well as filming in locations such as York, Windsor, Shaftesbury, Manchester and Peterborough – some being more glamorous than others! I’m also due to visit Holland again later this month to film content for a promotional DVD at one of their huge flower markets.

The support and budget provisions the KTP scheme provides has made these experiences possible, and as I near its completion it’s time to reflect on what we have achieved. It’s also time for the hard work on my Masters to really kick in, and compile all the KTP final reports before the contract ends in September.

To sum it up, a KTP scheme really is a partnership, an organisation working with a University for mutual benefit, sharing knowledge, expertise and facilities. It also requires excellent supervisors, and Neil Kendall, senior lecturer in the Lincoln School of Media, and Sally-Anne Sharp from Interflora have both given me the direction, guidance and support I need to ensure we have had a very productive two years!

David Clancy

July 2010


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