LSFM Mentoring: industry & student | Deadline 09.10.2015

LSFM Mentoring is back. This fabulous opportunity between industry professionals and our students will be running this new academic year 2015-16. This initiative is thanks to media and its related workers volunteering to be mentors – some of them are our alumni. Now it is time for the School’s 3rd and 2nd year undergraduates from animation, audio production, film & TV, media production and photography to apply.  Download this document and register: LSFM_STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM_2015-16

Mentoring_Oct2014There are ONLY 20 student-mentee places. Deadline to return your registration form is Friday 9th October 2015 by email to Louise Lawlor. If selected, you must be available for the one-hour induction on Wednesday 4th November 4pm to 5pm at the Enterprise Building, as well as 11th November at 11.30am for a chance to chat with your media mentor on a one-to-one basis. 

This year’s mentors work across a range of genres, e.g. audio production, video effects, digital media, screenwriting, graphic design, radio, indie film, television, media technology, communications, marketing, social media, video production, photography and in technical operations. LSFM mentors have experience from working in corporate companies to running their own businesses.

Undergraduates who are shortlisted are paired with an available mentor from our database. Please note: Our mentoring is not a matching service!  It is a unique chance for a student to link with a professional in the world of work (share ideas, make contacts, explore experiences, network with peers, discuss issues, etc.)

Key points for students are:  

  • ‘Contacts’ or ‘meets’ between mentor and mentee is a minimum of 6 across the academic year
  • ‘Meets’ are flexible and decided by the pairs (contact can be face-to-face, web chat, phone call, etc.)
  • Selected students have to be proactive and contact their mentor during the academic year
  • Student-mentees must attend the induction on Wed 4th Nov from 4pm to 5pm at Enterprise and be available on Wed 11th Nov at 11.30 to meet their mentor (if mentor is on-campus).
  • Successful mentees will receive a mentoring handbook for guidance
  • Complete an online survey at the end of the academic year (for mentors and mentees) for feedback to enable us to develop our mentoring initiative

LSFM Mentoring is in collaboration with the University of Lincoln Careers & Employability team. If you are a professional who is interested in mentoring one of our students please read more here and register your interest, anytime. Thanks.