Gemma Lowe, Class of 2012 | Career Update

The last few years have been quite busy for me, I was self-employed for quite some time after completing my Enterprise Inc training and worked for the Young Journalist Academy, providing training and workshops about broadcast media to schools across Lincolnshire. I really enjoyed this but the nature of being self-employed means that opportunities come and go. I continued to complete voice-overs for a while too and enjoyed the freedom of running my own business.

After some time being self-employed I realised that I wanted to try something new and with my experience of working with young people (with the Young Journalist Academy and as part of my Media Production Degree), I decided that I would like to find a job in education. I worked for Lincoln College for over a year as a Library Assistant (I love reading!) and also helped in their Media Department by covering some media classes through an agency called TeachFE. Working at the College was a great opportunity to gain skills that would be transferable within education and I enjoyed having the summer holidays off too!

GemmaLowe_1I decided to look for a similar job but with more responsibility which led me to my current job as ‘Librarian – Leader of LRC’ for The Newark Academy (a secondary school in Newark).  I started working there in September 2014 and have loved every second of it, working with children is a real challenge and no two days are the same. Since I started there I have updated the Library to make it an inviting and engaging space for all students and I have also organised a range of events. GemmaLowe_2My job is very varied, I am in charge of the Library and as budget-holder, my experience of being self-employed has provided some incredibly valuable skills in money management. I have completed a Certificate in Anti-Bullying Mentoring of Young People and lead on a number of anti-bullying initiatives.

We are moving into a brand new school building next year and I am responsible for designing the new Library and it is going to be a ‘hub’ of the school, which is really exciting! I work hard to ensure that young people enjoy reading for pleasure and also run a number of clubs (including a Radio Club!). I am a school governor which I find very interesting and it allows me to gain experience of a different role within a school. The Newark Academy is now part of the Lincoln College Group which means that there is room for career progression too.

GemmaLowe_3I have learned lots since graduating in 2012 and my advice for students would be to work hard but also enjoy everything that you do; don’t worry if your career heads in a different direction, open up as many new paths as possible and enjoy being able to work in a career that is rewarding for you.  Often people comment that my career now is a long way from the one that I set out to achieve with my degree but the skills that I learned through studying at the University of Lincoln (School of Film & Media) set me up for success in whatever I choose to go on to in the future.