Hannah Skidmore, Class of 2014 | Assistant Producer, HEAR Video

HannahSkidmore_2014GradOur 2014 graduate Hannah Skidmore tells us about a Higher Education project that has gone live this month with a final video. She worked as an Assistant Producer at Nik Morris Associates during the production of the HEARoes advert . It was released via The Student Room site.  Hannah’s asking Universities for feedback about an online service for students:

HEAR, or ‘Higher Education Achievement Report’, is a service being rolled out at universities across the UK to record and verify the achievements and experiences of a student. They can can consult the electronic document throughout their studies, and it becomes fixed after graduation. The HEAR helps them find their path, it helps them better manage their efforts and time, it reassures them that unexamined activity contributes to intellectual and personal growth, and on leaving it helps them prove the value of everything they did during their university years.

The spot is live on The Student Room website, alongside advertorial content, where millions of annual visitors seek support and advice before and during their university experience.  We also anticipated that student unions would play this at orientation sessions, so wanted to make it feel big and cinematic so it can excite crowds in large lecture halls. The commercial ends with a clickable link to an explainer advert, which I also directed: a pixel-art promo that draws on role playing game tropes to demonstrate how the HEAR works.

I would be very interested to hear where the University of Lincoln stand with regards to the Higher Education Achievement Report, and if it would be something they would consider becoming a part of in future years? One of the key reasons I took part in the HEARoes production was because I believe that a scheme such as this would have been beneficial to myself during my time at university. I would be very interested to hear if any of the heads of Schools had any thoughts on the particular scheme. Email: hannah.l.skidmore@gmail.com