George Boole

Ever heard of George Boole? Well, he was the Lincoln born mathematician who made all digital technology possible, and we would like to celebrate his life and legacy here in November.

Born the son of a cobbler in the centre of the city of Lincoln almost 200 years ago, and despite having no advanced formal education, he became an internationally acclaimed mathematics professor who developed the theory of binary logic which underpins all our modern technology.

XorNand aims to celebrate this great man by holding ‘BOOLEFEST’ – an annual Arts & Sciences festival in Lincoln at the beginning of November, and we are inviting all LSM alumni and students to join in and suggest ideas for the event.

Detail of a stained glass window in Lincoln Cathedral dedicated to G Boole

If you have an idea for the festival, or you would like to show your work there, please drop us a line at

or use our contact page.

For more information about Boolefest and George Boole, including some useful links, visit Dave Kenyon’s Web page.

Boole's house and school in Lincoln

And here is the film to beat!

4 thoughts on “Boolefest

  1. Wow, he is such a great man. He has important role for digital technology which is very useful nowadays.

    It can be said that he is an example that formal education does not determine the future of certain person. If someone has the high desire to study and learn, they can be successful.

    By Lisa

  2. George Boole was one person who should be our example. He provides many valuable lessons for our lives.
    Just imagine… He was born as the son of a shoemaker, but he managed to become a math professor who is recognized worldwide. This is a lesson for us that are not necessarily a person’s success is measured by assets owned by that person.

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