Richard Haywood, Class of 2006 | Freelance TV Cameraman

Richard-Haywood_2006GradHello Lincolnites!  Richard here, class of 2006! Now freelance television cameraman. I studied media production focusing on TV and Radio. The first thing you realise when entering the industry is that ultimately at job interviews no one really cares. As harsh as this sounds the focus is on actual experience and often the only way to do this is starting at the bottom.

What my course did however give me was a through understanding of how various departments negotiate the ‘Creative Process’ as well as how to hold one’s self and studio etiquette.

This gave me an invaluable head start once I started making the contacts I would go on to nurture and develop as my career progressed before establishing myself in the freelance world. And remember to make a great cup of tea, people will remember.

These days I’ve worked on shows as varied as The One Show, The X Factor, Le Tour De France, The Royal Wedding and the BBC coverage of the 2015 general election and it all started with Lincoln!