Stephen Hope, Class of 2012 | BJ, Falkland Islands Television

StephenHope_2012Grad_working-at-BT SportHi. I’m a 2012 Media Production graduate and soon to be a Broadcast Journalist (BJ) in the Falkland Islands. I thought you may be interested in what I’ve been doing since I left the University of Lincoln. I loved my time in Lincoln, and it really shaped the person I am today. I’ve managed to work as a production assistant on a variety of music videos (Jessie J, Tom Odell) before finally falling into a job at Pinewood film studios. [Photo, with mic, is when I was working (PA experience) at BT Sport on Rugby Tonight and we had a segment on rugby players who sing in the locker rooms. I had to give a demonstration (much to my horror) although, I apparently did better than most of the players.]

At Pinewood I worked with a company called Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd. which casts background extras for major feature films, TV, music videos, advert, etc. I’ve managed to work with a whole range of TV and films productions such as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘, ‘This is England 90’ and some exciting ones I’m not allowed to mention yet!  My typical day at UniEXTRAS was we would receive a script from a particular film such as ‘Theory of Everything‘ and a breakdown of the background extras they required. I would then speak to hundreds of extras a day who I felt would be great in a particular scene either due to looks or experience. The rest of my time was spent wondering around Pinewood Studios trying to sneak onto the set of Star Wars (which I managed to eventually!).

Since leaving I have also had amazing experiences such as meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger when I was invited to the premiere of his film ‘Sabotage‘. I was also flown out to St Tropez to provide a shooting simulator I built for Simon Cowell at his yacht party. This is where I met Jimmy Carr who I’ve provided entertainment equipment at this house several times. He allows you to stay for the parties which is lovely so I’ve managed to meet Stephen Fry, Stephen Hawking, and a variety of others.

StephenHope_grouphshotwithDanielCraig_BBCInterviewing Daniel Craig for BBC Radio 1 and going to the premiere of ‘Skyfall’ in an Aston Martin was definitely a highlight during the past few years. This has all been a great experience, although, has not really challenged or utilised the skills I learnt at the University of Lincoln School of Film & Media. Amazingly, however, my career has taken a rather large change in direction recently. Come May 2015 I shall be venturing to the Falkland Islands where I take up a 12 month post with Falkland Islands TV  (FITV). My official job title will be Broadcast Journalist producing news coverage for the islands, as well as providing valuable footage to media outlets such as the BBC and ITN.

I honestly can’t believe the amount I’ve experienced since leaving Lincoln, and really cherish the fact that it was at the University where I developed the skills I have now which has sent me on this journey. This Falklands job is a dream come true, and hopefully I’ll venture down to Antarctica and across South America, continuing to carry the University of Lincoln’s name and reputation.