Michael Henry, Class of 2009 | Web Series This is Good (2015)

MichaelHenry_ThisIsGood2015_webseriesOur 2009 graduate and independent filmmaker Michael Henry summed up the web series called This is Good  (2015), which was written and directed by Tom Bridger as “the funniest project we’ve all been part of.”  At Quandary Productions Mike was the Producer/DOP on the 7-part series and Tom also runs the Actor Support Scheme at the indie to help actors achieve their goals. One of our recent graduates Liam Gilroy worked as an Intern at Quandary Productions and is the lead actor in episode 5.

This is Good is described as a British comedy web series about people trying to find their definition of being happy.  The series has 7 stories, 7 styles and 7 main characters. Here’s episode 2 called Mike and it features Tom Bridger and stars Michael Henry. Also look out for 2009 alumnus who is a media producer Stuart Almond (he’s the one with toy guns!).  He said the web series “is exactly what the title says it is, Good!  It’s also completely free which is a rare thing.”

You can see the web series at Quandary’s site. From the indie: If you liked it, please share! Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/thisisgoodwebseries 

Michael said: we’re now gearing up for pre-production on our next feature film, ‘Spectrum’ to be shot in the summer, and will be crowdfunding in a couple of weeks.

Synopsis: Charlie wakes from a coma into a world seemingly run by the corporation ‘Spectrum’, who offer personality implants to those willing to pay. Not funny? Buy an implant. Want to stop caring? Buy an implant. Reassembling the pieces of his lost life, Charlie is faced with the tough decision of whether he wants to remember who he was, or joining the new world, where he can pay to be anything he wants. Occasionally, he finds, the decision will even be made for you.