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Channel 4Talent has four paid freelance opportunities as it is recruiting for a new 4Crew production team in 2015/16: Director, Production Manager, Presenter and Social Media Manager.  Maybe you can follow in the footsteps of our 2013 Graduate Aleysha Minns 4Crew Production Co-ordinator and LSFM final year student Rosie Turner 4Crew Social Networker?  


Both Aleysha and Rosie are featured on the 4Talent website (pictured in the middle).  The yearly scheme for 4Crew closes on 12th July 2015. 4Talent said

  • Are you a creative self-starter, already on your own journey?
  • Would being plugged into Channel 4 help you move your career to the next level?
  • Are you a gifted creative, already out there producing your own work?

If you’ve answered yes to all the above questions, and you are able to travel with us around the UK to attend our C4 Pop Ups, then you should apply for this scheme!  This is a fantastic opportunity for four multi-talented, content-creators from our fresh talent pool to come together as a start-up initiative. We would recommend taking a read of the current 4Crew’s biographies (see right hand side of the webpage) to gain an insight on what the roles entail and what seems best suited to you.

If successful, you would be paid as a freelancer for filming gigs with 4Talent. Throughout 2015/16 you’ll attend some of the biggest events and C4 Pop Ups, all-expenses paid and work as part of the 4Crew team to create content that will be showcased on the 4Talent website and our social networks. Roles are:

  1. 4Crew Director
  2. 4Crew Production Manager
  3. 4Crew Social Networking Manager
  4. 4Crew Reporter

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2 thoughts on “PAID Opportunity | Channel 4Talent is looking for 4Crew

  1. Hello,

    I was applying for the role of the new reporter for 4Crew yesterday and my internet was down and I couldn’t send in my application! Please, please, please could there be a way I could still apply for this role and be considered as it has closed on the site?

    Thank you,

    Hannah Jackson


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