Meet the Graduates | Video on job interviews

Meet_the_Graduates_150wMeet the Graduates is just one of Lincoln School of Film & Media‘s popular networking events between our creative alumni and students.  The most recent symposium was on-campus, last October, with a packed audience at the Graduate Question Time. On the panel were alumni from 2003 to 2014: Video Director Lewis Cater, Digital Strategist Jo Graham (doing a KTP at Mortons Media Group), Screenwriter Tony Kelly, 4Crew Production Co-ordinator Aleysha Minns, freelance sound operator / technician Tom Ward and Wallbreaker Productions Producer Ashley Wilks.

The video is on their experiences about going for job interviews in the creative industries and it was captured by LSFM student crew via New Media Lincs. Thanks to 2nd year Audio Production undergraduate Mihail Sustov and 3rd year Media Production students Alex Faulkner & Rory McCarney. This piece (and the vox pop, see previous post) was produced by Rory.

Graduates follow us @LSMAlumni. To find out about 4Crew at Channel 4 you can see grad Aleysha Minns, 4Crew Production Co-ordinator, on the new website for 4TalentCh4 Talent_C4Crew. It has biogs of the 4Crew and also features final year LSFM student Rosie Turner who is a 4Crew Social NetworkerAlyesha and Rosie are pictured in the middle of their 4Crew Team.

Channel 4Talent said: “to form our new 4Crew Team we search through our 4Talent-ers to create a new Production Crew, that travel with us up and down the country to shoot films of our 4Talent Days.  This is a fantastic opportunity for four multi-talented, content-creators from our fresh talent pool to come together as a start-up initiative.  If successful, you would be paid as a freelancer for six filming gigs with 4Talent. Throughout 2015 you’ll attend six all-expense paid 4Talent Days and work as part of the 4Crew team to create content that will be showcased on the 4Talent website and our social networks.

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