Call out for UN*DEPENDENCE Film Fest | Deadline 15 Jan 2015

From Nina Schildhauer, Film Curator and Programmer at PopUp!Scotland, about the UN*DEPENDENCE Film Festival 2015 in Edinburgh. The deadline to submit your film (short, feature, documentary, animation, etc.) is by 15th January 2015:

Un-dependence-FilmFest2015We are a small and independent collective of artists and filmophiles in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh and we are currently looking for submissions for the UN*DEPENDENCE Film Festival 2015.  We wish to reach out at communities outside Scotland to seek out film networks that are devoted to talking about and challenging the norms and we are particularly interested in films from countries where independence is an ongoing discourse.

We are looking for films and moving image works that tackle the topics of (in)dependencies and un-dependence on all levels. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the idea for the festival was born out of the spirit of the Scottish Referendum. The referendum had an impact not just politically but more important, it triggered reactions in the people’s minds and caused a massive response within the arts.  Dependencies are personal themes that individuals struggle with just as nations do. We are inviting filmmakers from Scotland and around the world to submit shorts, feature films, documentaries, animation and experimental works which deal with these questions.  We believe that Scotland during the referendum year has entered such a stage of un-dependence and we want to offer a time and place for films, open discussions and workshops. This is a call-out to student and alumni filmmakers about our small, independent festival and we would be delighted to get any kind of advice or support. Email:

The UN*DEPENDENCE Film Festival will run early March 2015 in Edinburgh, Scotland (exact dates tbc) and the deadline for submissions is the 15th January 2015.  Please visit our Facebook page and Pop Up! Scotland homepage.