Katy Atkinson, Class of 2006 | TRA Media Coverage at Glasgow 2014

2006 graduate Katy Atkinson, who is one of our inspirational media mentors, is the co-founding Director at The Reporters’ Academy.  TRA is a not-for-profit media production company based at MediaCityUK, which is run by young people.  TRA will be involved in the coverage of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games (23 July-3 Aug) and Katy wanted to share the good news with you on this blog.

Katy-Atkinson_Glasgow2014Team_TRA_MediaCityAs TRA Project Leader at the Games Katy, pictured (far left) with TRA Glasgow 2014 Team, said: The Reporters’ Academy’s proud to announce that it will be assisting a total of 12 Oceania nations during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games by providing a number of countries with an official press officer. The twist is that the press officers are all upcoming dynamic young people from across the North West.  During Glasgow 2014 TRA will be providing extensive media coverage of the Pacific Island Commonwealth Teams. Such as Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Norfolk Islands, Vanuatu, Kiribati and Solomon Islands. They shall be producing the following media content: daily written reports for website use and print press; audio files for radio broadcast; video content for TV broadcast when access allows: and photos for multiple uses. They will also be producing a daily Oceania round up of the most noteworthy activity from all Oceania teams, in an effort to share Oceania news with the world’s media.

I am looking ahead to the Commonwealth Games with excitement. I really enjoy working across international sporting events, a great place to meet interesting people from across the world. My work allows me to work with incredible people, young people, media professionals and Pacific Islands. A bizarre mix, however it makes perfect sense. We give young people real life media production opportunities, we secure official responsibilities and ensure our crew have the necessary training to get the job done, the experience is invaluable to young people looking to get into the job market, make an impression on new employers and demonstrate something utterly unique. For the Pacific Island nations, we are providing a service – content production that is used far and wide across the media in the Pacific region.

This is a mutually beneficial project that will see The Reporters’ Academy team benefit greatly from being fully accredited at the Commonwealth Games, honing their journalism skills alongside fellow professionals at one of the world’s greatest sporting events.  More importantly, it means that the countries of Oceania will have enhanced & dedicated coverage of their athletes, as they may otherwise struggle with the costs of hiring and transporting a press attaché to the Games. The young reporters will send daily reports to media outlets across the Pacific, to radio, TV stations, newspapers and websites, all hungry for news of their athletes.

Katy-Atkinson_captured2012The Reporters’ Academy Commonwealth Games involvement builds on relationships established during the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Reporters’ Academy were fully accredited as press and worked around the clock to provide news coverage of Oceania athletes. Content was used in media outlets across the world, from local Pacific Island news outlets, such as Tonga Broadcasting Corporation to Fiji TV.  A true example of legacy in action.

So what do I enjoy most? The people. Our young people, continually challenge me to make every opportunity count for them. The Pacific Islands, without being stereotypical, I learn so much from these nations. Their positive attitude, humoured and gentle nature. TRA have a proven track record in developing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. 98% young people have secured full time employment or gone on to university.

Keep updated with The Reporters’ Academy at the Commonwealth Games by following @TRAAcademy.  Katy will try and post here on the blog, too.