Class of 2012, Samuel Cox | Creative Technologist

Samuel-Cox_MAGraduateI’m currently working for a creative technology company called rehabstudio as a creative technologist … funnily enough! It basically means that I generate concepts, ideas and prototypes for brands such as Google, Converse and Red Bull, as well as internal R&D.  I usually focus on building and engineering physical objects/things that are also digital in some way (similar to the phrase “internet of things” that’s getting pasted around at the minute).  I also make this kind of stuff in my spare time, like BitTag, which questions our relationship and how we value fiat currency in the physical world when compared with new Cryptocurrencies. This gained the attention of the BBC, live CNBC (pretty nerve racking) Yahoo and Cnet to name a few.

Flood Beacon is my latest project focusing on using technology for good. It is engineered to broadcast live data such the current water level, GPS location and any sudden accelerations the beacon may feel from sudden flooding. Alerts can then be sent to our smartphone application (push notification when someone is in immediate danger), monitoring stations.

And a note on my MA project progress.  I was unbelievably fortunate to exhibit GigaLinc at TEDGlobal last year. It was the most thrilling and awe generating experience I’ve ever had in my life. Feel free to have a peak at the photos! I’ll just end on a simple thank you. My GigaLinc really kickstarted this journey for me, and I couldn’t have done it without the support from Sarah Barrow and help securing the LPAC.

P.S. Happy to come back sometime (maybe next academic year now) and talk about my progress from completing my BA/MA to what I do now too! In the meantime, feel free to browse some of my other work at

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  1. Incredible work Sam – many thanks for the update. Look forward to welcoming you back to inspire us next year.

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