University of Lincoln’s Alumni Weekend | 13 -15 June 2014 | Book!

Our graduates should have got an invite to the very first Alumni Weekend.

Alumni-Weekend_GeorgiaThompsonIt’s for all University of Lincoln’s alumni as well as their family and friends, too. That includes YOU if you graduated from one of the University of Lincoln’s former institutions – University of Humberside, Humberside College of Higher Education and the Lincoln School of Art. Events are free, but some are limited due to demand. So best to book!


The alumni team is compiling a playlist for the Alumni Weekend and would like to know “What song takes you back to your Uni days? See LSM alumni favs from TomSka and Daniel J. Layton.

Tweet your Uni song: @Lincoln (UK) Alumni Use the hashtag #alumniplaylist 

You can also share your university photos, too, to be on the big screen, again contact the alumni team Tweet and use #UoLAlumniMemories

COMING? Jason Bradbury is! You can meet 3D Robots – the printed one’s ‘MARC’ & emotional robot is ‘ERWIN’ – and try the latest virtual reality experience Oculus Rift. Also there’ll be live music including Elliott Morris and our 2008 & 2010 graduate Jack Shaw (yes he was at the Engine Shed last Friday supporting Newton Faulkner!). Jack said: “My new single ‘Dreaming’ will be out and about on the 23rd June!”  The Lincoln Carnival will be on, fireworks and great graduates – what’s not to like?! See the events here. Book: either email or call 01522 83 58 58.