Promo for Romantic Comedy Film ‘What Goes Up’ by LSM Students

An update from LSM’s student Hannah Skidmore who is the Producer at GSProductions.  It’s an indie made up of a student team. The production’s making the feature length rom-com ‘What Goes Up’ film:


“The official trailer for GSProductions first feature film has been released. Pre-production began in May 2013 with a team of just under 20 people working to promote the project and raise funds via an IndieGoGo campaign. After meeting their goal of just over £3,500, they were able to hire and shoot on a RED One digital camera, allowing for full cinematic scale, as well as receiving merchandise and the legal rights for the products used throughout the film, such as Rubik’s from Seven Towns Ltd. An original score is also being created for the film by Vincent Walker of Suburban Legends, which really brings the film to life. The film was shot in just over three weeks in July 2013 and is now nearing the end of production, with the final stages of post-production currently underway, with hopes to release the film at the end of September 2014.”

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