Class of 2010, Jack Shelbourn | Freelance DoP

Jack-Shelbourn_mid-cameraI studied my MA in Media Production between September 2009 and September 2010. I graduated in 2011 with a Distinction. Since then I have moved into a career as a Director of Photography. I’m very excited that HIDEAWAY, which is a new short film (written by Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez) that I shot and co- produced, has been selected for the No Gloss Film Festival in Leeds. 

Another short film, FRAMEd (shot in Italy and London) was recently nominated for Best Short at the London Independent Film Festival.

The first film I shot was directed with my fellow student and friend, Cal Johnson. It was his final piece for his MA in Media Production, ‘Cottonmouth‘.
Then I moved to London and spent my time, since Lincoln, building up a fantastic contact base of fellow film professionals. I have also worked for many production companies, filming a huge array of corporate and commercial projects. Including ones for; Samsung, Diagio, Tesco, HSBC and L’Oreal.

To date I have filmed, 4 documentaries, 3 Fashion Promos, 7 Music Videos, 2 TV Commercials, 8 Shorts and 4 feature films. Next up is a hand full of short films and more corporate videos. But most exciting is a feature film, set to shoot over August in France. I’ve recently got back from a 4 day recce on-location, and I’m really excited about the project!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m pleased to present my 2014 cinematography showreel.

Jack-Shelbourn_shoulder-cameraAlthough I will always shoot in a style that the project and story needs, I prefer to shoot reactively. Not quite in a documentary style, but I do enjoy shooting hand held and following the story as the actors and locations reveal it. I especially like shooting a scene with stripped down camera and finding new and experimental angles as well as different ways of telling a story.

Jack-Shelbourn_night-wide-crew I enjoy various lighting techniques and set ups. I especially enjoy having the chance to experiment with traditional methods, employed in Noir films and studio shoots. Though I shoot a lot with large soft sources, and wall bounces and combine this with as much natural light as possible, which has become my main style of lighting over the last few years. I tend to attack each set up, by seeing how much of the natural light and ‘on location’ lights I can use, before complementing it with artificial sources.

You can read more on my site or you can follow me @JackShelbourn.