Meet the Graduates 2014 | Where Are They Now?

20-years-media-graduates-logoWe’ve a series of clips this week from Meet the Graduates 2014. In the first piece you can find out where some of our alumni are now. Head of Lincoln School of Media, Sarah Barrow, officially introduced MtG 2014. It was a special occasion because it was one of the School’s event to mark 20 years of media at the University of Lincoln.  Meet the Grads was bigger than ever. Over 30 alumni attended (see who we spotted, names are below the video) the networking event between our students and graduates. Many thanks to you all for making, and marking, MtG 2014!

Alumni Stuart Lutes (Class of 2001), Adam Verity (Class of 2002), Zoe Easey (Class of 2007), Phil Stevens (Class of 2010), Holly Smith (class of 2010) and Stephen Bernard (Class of 2013) were on ‘Graduate Question Time’. LSM’s student crew, via New Media Lincs, Year 2 Rory McCarney, Year 3 Kirsty Gibson and Kamil Rewers captured the popular Networking & Graduate Question Time.

Here are some alumni – and LSM staff who’re also our graduates, like Graham Cooper and Martyn Thayne – who were spotted at MtG 2014:

MtG2014 034 Networking 1Will King, Class of 2007 | Scott Farrow, Class of 2010 | David Barrow, Class of 2001 | Sam Kelham, Class of 2013 | Darren Scales, Class of 2008 | Steve Leeming, Class of 2002 | Aleysha Minns, Class of 2013 | Tony Kelly, Class of 2003 | Rob Egan, Class of 2011 |  Jimmy Gregory, Class of 2006 | Katy Atkinson, Class of 2006 | Dave Clancy, Class of 2007 | Jordan Livermore, Class of 2009 | Simon Ross, Class of 2012 | Stefania Palmisano, Class of 2013 | Steve Smailes, Class of 2013 | Steph Grove, Class of 2010 | Nick Farrimond, Class of 2002 | Michael Henry, Class of 2009 | Ben Atkinson, Class of 2013 | Christine Ball, Class of 2012 | Stephen Young, Class of 2010 | Sam Kirk, Class of 2008 | Hazel Donnelly, Class of 2012 |

This vox/pop features a couple of our graduates who’re on the LSM Mentoring pilot. If you’re an alumnus and one of our media mentors we’d like to thank you (again), like alumni from Quandary Productions and Seal Films.

Alumni Weekend 13-15 June 2014 at the University of Lincoln for all graduates, family and friends.  It’s free! See more details here.