Curator for Altered Partnership – Art & ancient churches together

From Chris Heighton, Arts Development Officer:

ALTERED_logoThe Altered partnership is recruiting a new Curator, which will be a 1-year freelance paid contract. The Curator will lead the artistic direction and management of a one year touring programme of artworks around several or more of Lincolnshire’s parish churches. The closing date’s 5pm on 31 March 2014.

‘This post will not be salaried. There will be a set fee for project delivery, which will include all travel, sustenance, labour, communications and material expenses. The maximum fee available for this is £10,000; to be paid in agreed installments. The outputs and outcomes of the project may be delivered by either an individual or company.The Curator will be required to deliver on all project outcomes over a one-year period, commencing from a date agreed by the Altered Partnership. There will be no prescribed working hours; however, the Curator will be expected to meet targets agreed with the project partners at the outset of the project; these will be subject to regular review. It is also expected that the Curator will be on-site at churches across Lincolnshire as regularly as is appropriate to deliver the outputs/outcomes of the project.  Altered is a unique project that aims to bring contemporary art and ancient church buildings together across rural Lincolnshire and is a partnership between the Diocese of Lincoln, University of Lincoln and artsNK.’ Further details about how to apply can be found here at artsNK’s site.

Have a read of the downloaded information about the post. Then f you need any further details or have any queries, please contact; Marion Sander (Visual Arts Development Coordinator, artsNK) Telephone: 01529 411 193 Email: