Jobs at Reelworks

How would you like to join a team that makes music videos like this?

Victoria Wilson, LSM graduate (Class of 2008), has passed on news about some upcoming vacancies at Reelworks in London.

I am now working at a production company called Reelworks and we’re based on Brick Lane, London. We’ve primarily been producing music videos for new artists and are currently in the pre production stage for a short film this summer as well as hopefully some documentaries for TV.

I wondered if there were any graduates to be from Lincoln that are heading down south to London this summer for work and if so maybe they can contact me at and send over a CV. It would be good to have some fresh, hard working people on board as we’re starting to grow, and I know that Lincoln turns out the best of the best.

We’re looking for a variety of roles to join the team:

Art Director
Production Manager
Junior Director
Script Writers

Our new website should be up and running by Friday and we do have a facebook group if you or the students want to check out some of our recent work.!/group.php?gid=105621729481733

Or phone 020 7770 6141