Rachael White’s post-graduation choice: Travel or Career?

Congrats to our students who’ll be graduating this afternoon – LSM is proud of our alumni. After graduation you’ll have choices and our media grad shared hers:

Rachael White_2012GradTravel or career? Choose both! After graduating from the University of Lincoln in 2012 I was in two minds as to what to do next. Travel with friends or start my media career?  I had somehow got an interview for a Disney Channel internship and decided if I got it I would stay, if I didn’t I would leave. So within a few minutes of the interview, I screwed it up. My mind already flew to Canada and the rest of me followed a few months later.

I spent 10 months there; snowboarding in the mountains, wake surfing on the lake and road-tripping through America. I also got a little job on the side working for a production company who filmed weddings and corporate videos. I wasn’t ready to let go of media totally so I took the opportunity, like Tesco says “every little helps.”  As my visa ran out and I blew my money ticking things off my bucket list I decided it was time to come home. I’m not going to lie, I had some really down days after not even getting bar or waitress jobs. I ended up on the dole. However, after a couple of months constantly applying to pretty much everything everywhere I got an interview at a production company down south.
Rachael White-road trip I had to bring something along which represented me. So I took travelling photos to show I was adventurous and had a laugh with them sharing stories. After explaining that whilst road tripping with 11 guys I had to put my foot down by making everyone drive for 24 hours to arrive at Coachella on time.  I got the job! 

Rachael White_work So I moved 4 hours away from home and set up a new life, you did it for Uni, don’t be scared too in real life. I’ve been the production assistant at the film company for 3 months now and I love it. Every day is different, I’m back behind the camera and it’s a challenge.  

I’ve learnt that although University teaches you good basic skills, they are just that. To stand out and get the job you want you have to take the time to improve and learn new skills. Don’t stop learning because you’re not being pushed by a tutor. Your deadline is your life. Smile and relax in interviews, nobody wants to hire a robot. It’s never too late, learn as many skills as you can in University, put the beer down! You can drink more with your salary later!  I definitely believe I was lucky but I made my own luck and you can too! There are too many people who give up at the first, second, third hurdle and if you do that then you gave up on yourself.

Keep in touch @LSMAlumni

Keep in touch @LSMAlumni

I still have twitchy feet to get travelling again, but balancing seeing the world and beginning a career can and will be done!  I hope to see you guys and girls in the pub drinking away our salaries, laughing about our adventures around the world and moaning about our boss …

… Not regretting a thing!

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  1. This is inspirational; Rachel – thank you. Do stay in touch and come back to visit us at Lincoln when you can. In the meantime keep on having fun, working hard and making the most of every day!

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