Free Entry! Watch LSM’s Alumni Performance at LPAC this Wednesday

LPACDon’t miss 2013 Media Production graduates Nathan Dean and Sam Clarke’s work-in-progress. They’ll be staging a 60-minute performance of We Have Offended.  It’s at LPAC this Wednesday evening and tickets are free. Here’s an official extract from Lincoln Performing Arts Centre:

Wednesday 22 January | 8:45pm |  FREE 

Who is Robin Goodfellow? In this revitalisation of Shakespeare classics, We Have Offended follows Robin and The Weyward Sisters as they create a piece of unrelenting horror; torturing and tormenting the audience with secret audio and nightmarish projections.

If you’re excited by the future of performance and curious about new experiences then NEWVOLUTIONS is for you. This, our third micro-season of work-in-progress by local, regional and national dancers, theatre makers, performers and artists will offer you an informal opportunity to have your say in their show’s development.  Read more from LPAC here.