Graduate Michael Henry on his first day shoot on ‘Time and Place’

Michael henry_dayone_time&placeLSM’s 2009 alumnus and indie film-maker Michael Henry’s been shooting ‘TIME AND PLACE’ this week. He said: “the footage is looking great so far. We’ve really upped our visual game and I cannot wait to show everyone the finished film.” He’s been reflecting on day one’s shoot:

It was an unusual change of pace for us, as we usually film so swiftly. We decided before the shoot to take our time and really push the visual quality of the film. Spending longer (it took an hour and a half to shoot one shot) on each take. and scene, has made the shoot a little less enjoyable than other productions we’ve worked together on. Perhaps it’s because we’ve only really shot parts which emphasise the serious tone so far, or perhaps I need to cheer up, be more patient and enjoy the small moments as they come. One thing’s for sure, we are all looking forward to getting stuck into the more dialogue-heavy, meatier scenes as opposed to the shot-to-shot moments we’ve done so far.

The build-up to the shoot was quite a stressful time. There were times I was unsure we’d be ready in time. I actually had nightmares leading up to the shoot (although that happens to all the greats….). We also found out on Day One that one of our location bookings had fallen through, so there was a brief panic as to whether we’d be able to film some pivotal scenes at all. Considering we already have all cast and crew locked in it was a bit tense for a time. Luckily a friend of ours was able to book a substitute for us elsewhere, and we’re continuing on our roll.

You can keep updated on Mike’s blog and in the meantime, he said “here’s the promotional video for you again.”