L3 Tom Anderson: Article published in Digital FilmMaker Magazine

Tom Anderson_L3MPStudent_15.12.2013I got in contact with Digital FilmMaker Magazine, after buying a copy in WHSmith. They let me write an article talking about the RED camera. The issue is in shops with my 6 page feature article! I’ve never done anything like this before so I was pretty excited to see it in print, therefore I wanted to let you know! Thanks, Tom Anderson. Be proud. An inspirational move by LSM’s final year media production student.

Tom Anderson_DigitalFilmakerMagRead Tom’s article ‘The RED Camera Demystified’, which is published in the 10th Edition (28.11.13) of Digital FilmMaker Magazine.  He shares his five years’ DOP experience of using the RED – the pros and cons of an industry standard piece of camera kit. Tom said: “I’ve been an avid film geek since I was fourteen … fast forward to 2013 and I’m making short films and promotional videos on a regular basis, mainly using the RED Scarlet-X.”  

The magazine’s published monthly and aimed at independent filmmakers. Janice Kearns, LSM Joint Programme Leader for Media Production: “The magazine were very pleased with Tom’s article and have offered him the opportunity to have further articles published in the future.” You can get in touch with Tom and see the range of his work on the Anderson Digital site here.