Student Opportunity: NEW ‘LSM Festival’ To Showcase Your Work

Alex Capper, Year 2 Student

Alex Capper, Year 2 Student

Hello! You probably won’t have heard much, if anything, about me (I’m one of those elusive Audio folk) but I’m hoping to set up an LSM festival. It would serve as a way to get smaller ideas together to see how they work, perhaps for a bigger third year project, to show off any work you’ve done outside of university which isn’t suitable for a film festival, or for any Audio Prodders who want to create something without feeling they’ve to include a visual part to get it heard. 

It could be as experimental as you like, though we will probably like you to stick to a broad theme – those who went to Frequency where the 2013 theme was ‘Revolution’ will understand how all-encompassing they can be. But visual work will be very welcome, especially if it has an interactive element or needs special, site-specific viewing requirements, but this won’t be a film festival.  

The next step would be to rally together a selection of other LSM students to form a committee. Looking to have a selection of people from all Media courses, in both first and second years – third years are also welcome (but you could be too busy preparing for your degree show already!). 

Would anyone be interested in being on the committee or showcasing their work in this? The event is likely to be around March. Send me a message, email or comment if you do, and feel free to ask any questions. It’s still very much in the planning stages, so we may be able to tailor it to your projects and ideas (within reason of course!). Thanks, and I look forward to working with you guys to get this going! Contact me directly via email or by finding me on Facebook.